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No. Fire doors are not a standard timber or hollow door. They are an engineered fire solution to protect property & lives. Only qualified carpenters, builders or qualified accredited fire door installers should install Fire Doors & Frames. Fire Doors have regulation gaps & clearances that must be installed in accordance with manufacturing details & Australian Standards.

Pending on the damage of the door. If the door is binding on the frame & requires re-positioning, this can be achieved & maintain compliance. However if the door has split, broken or if internal core materials have been damaged or are loose, then the fire door must be replaced to ensure maximum protection as the fire door has been designed & engineered.

The answer is depending on;

  • Internal core of the existing fire door. (If asbestos) then definitely NOT!
  • If the existing fire door locks are tested & approved fire door locks
  • If the lock(s) & closer are still in sound working condition
  • Location & usage of door hardware. (If close to salt water, exposed weather or high usage, then new fire tested door locks & closers are required)

A sample of the door’s core can be sent to many test laboratories throughout Australia. As a ballpark figure this testing cost between $100.00 to $300.00 pending! Fire doors with Asbestos cores were manufactured throughout Australia from 1948 – 1986. When Asbestos was banned in fire doors, there was thousands of fire doors still in warehouses around the country that eventually sold & were install into the 90’s. Therefore only a lab test report on the core can determine if the existing fire door(s) are Asbestos or not. There is another product called Calcium Silicate which has been used in fire doors & looks similar to Asbestos cores, but is safe & still manufactured today around the country & world.

Do not measure the existing door. Open the door & measure the frame where the door sits. If you measure the old fire door, the new fire door could be wrong size & fail due to excessive gaps. Measuring the old door & not the frame could require another door replacement.
  • Measure the fire door frame NOT the old fire door!
  • Measure the top, middle & bottom frame widths
  • Measure floor to top of frame where door fits on both sides & middle
  • Measure the frame rebate thickness
xxx For example: The existing frame measures Top width 822mm – Middle width 820mm – Bottom width 819mm. All floor to door frame head same measurement of 2050mm, Frame rebate measures 41mm. The door supplied would be 2040mm x 818mm x 37mm.This will allow for fitting into frame to scribe & custom fit as required. Also measure the middle of the frame striker to top of frame & middle of second lock i.e. Lockwood 001 series fire door approved deadlock for Apartment entry fire doors

Every 12 months is the requirement for residential properties, but if someone knows that a door is not working then this information should be passed on & repaired ASAP to ensure your property is in correct working order to minimise damage in the event of a fire.

Fire Doors not only save property & lives they stop fire in their tracks for a 1 – 4 hour period, pending the fire doors location & requirement. Fire Doors ensure evacuation safety & should be working correctly at all times.

First check with the doors manufacture & advise them of the required cut distance off the door to see if this will still be under warranty. Manufacturing information can be found on the fire door metal tag plate, Located on the hinge side edge of the fire door.

Ensure the door is not Asbestos!

If the discussed cut amount is approved by that fire doors manufacture, ensure a gap no less than 2.5mm to a maximum gap of 10mm anywhere alone the bottom of the door in the closed position.

Also if the existing door is ok to cut the re new size ensure that the door does not touch the floor at any point from closed to fully open, or this will fail the doors closing free requirements & you could be liable without insurance in the event of an emergency & your door failed to open/close correctly.

There are 3 tested & approved sizes available at present.

  • 200mm x 300mm
  • 200mm x 400mm
  • 100mm x 600mm

These vision panel fire doors can provide a F.R.L. rating of up to 2hr (-/120/30). There are also a variety of films or frostings that can be applied to the vision panels. Also there is no set location for the vision panel(s), therefore they can be installed in the middle of the fire door or to one side, to a height determined by the client

No. A maximum of 2.5mm may be trimmed off the edge strips of the doors (=5mm off height and 5mm off width) of new fire doors. Fire Rate will arrange the manufacturing to suit the frame required. So the fire doors are custom made to suit existing frame(s)

There are 2 standard fire tested & approved fire door thicknesses: 37mm mini fire doors & 47mm maxi fire doors.Both doors provide a 2hr F.R.L. rating, but higher F.R.L. ratings of 3 – 4 hrs require the 47mm fire doors.

There are many types to suit your requirements. We offer MDF, Paint Grade Ply Veneer, Dura-coat finishes & a wide variety of timber grain veneers. Internal & External fire doors for long life spans.

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